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26 Mi Bike – Planetary Cycles

May 30, 2013 - 8:46 am Comments Off on 26 Mi Bike – Planetary Cycles


Great Ride with my crew but damn!  Couldn’t seem to get my breath at all it was so humid!  Very little break from the head wind, we always seemed to be going in to the direction lol.  But i guess the big “buzz words” about riding in Houston are “wind, humidity and heat”.  Triple Threat!  huyahhh!


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15 mi Bike & 1 Mi Run

March 4, 2013 - 7:41 am Comments Off on 15 mi Bike & 1 Mi Run

So today I decided since I can’t work out tonight and we only did a 15 mi “warm up” that I would run afterwards.   Just a 1 mi run to get the feel for doing a tri.  Man your legs feel like lead after the bike.  I felt like  I was moving like a snail but I think maybe that was just a perception from after riding the bike?  Cause I did one of my fastest 1 mi at 9 mi 17 sec.

Distance: 14.91 mi
Time: 55:13
Avg Speed: 16.2 mph
Elevation Gain: 13 ft
Calories: 509 C
Avg Temperature: 58.8 °F

43 Mi bike ride with Exxon

February 24, 2013 - 3:36 pm Comments Off on 43 Mi bike ride with Exxon

so today we had a much better time riding the hills 😀  We were not sore and successfully completed 43 miles.

Stunning day to ride, the temp was perfect!  chilly in the morning enough for sleeves but than as the day wore on, warm enough to take off sleeves and enjoy the breeze.

Starting to see the wild flowers coming out! Only a couple more weeks and it will be breath taking rides of miles of flowers.

Distance: 42.73 mi
Time: 3:10:03
Avg Speed: 13.5 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,719 ft
Calories: 1,702 C
Avg Temperature: 64.8 °F


Elevation Gain: 1,719 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,693 ft
Min Elevation: 194 ft
Max Elevation: 378 ft



route 1














Afterwards we ate at a place called Magnolia Diner.  A Cool “classic Hollywood” themed place.  They had sunset blvd street sign on the walls along with photos of Marilyn Monroe.  I had a really good BLT and Charles had a Pork Fried Steak.






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